Jogathon 2012

A fun run event will be held this 16th June to help raise fund for the parent-teacher association (PIBG) coffer. Monies raised will be used for the benefits of the students, such as improving their learning environment.


Sekolah yang paling tua di Parit Buntar. Ditubuhkan pada 1907
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One Response to Jogathon 2012

  1. If you have not made a donation, you might want to do it NOW by one of these means:
    1. Write a cheque payable to “PIBG SMK METHODIST, PARIT BUNTAR”
    2. Bank-in to RHB a/c no : 2081 91 3603 5663 (and send us the slip)
    and send it to:
    SMK Methodist (ACS)
    Jalan Sekolah
    34200 Parit Buntar, Perak
    Tel : 05 7161062

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