Catching Up With Old Times


Date : 7 November 2014
Time : 8.00 p.m.
Venue : Hotel Damai, Parit Buntar


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Sekolah yang paling tua di Parit Buntar. Ditubuhkan pada 1907
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One Response to Catching Up With Old Times

  1. Nancy ooi says:

    It was indeed a most memorable evening for us. Being together brings back happy memories of our school days in SMK Methodist (ACS). … After 42yrs of absence…OMG…some we can recognize in a glance but some..hmmmmmm…..we gaze at each other and try to recollect who is who …. and when the memories came flooding back… our joy is beyond words… the gap seems to just vanish and we are back in 1972 again. We recall our school pranks and had a good laugh at how naive we were at those days. We had lots of catching up to do…. we miss our friends who were unable to join us in this gathering but hope to see them in the next meet. All in all, it was a most wonderful evening well spend with our schoolmates and their family members.

    To our young blooming students in SMJK Methodist (ACS) …. study hard now.. from here you build your bright future. Appreciate your teachers and schoolmates and you will cherish those happy moments in your golden years…. just like we did….

    Lastly but not least, a million thanks to Mr. Gee for keeping and maintaining a wonderful and informative blog on our school events. Mr.Gee, the bold words on your T-shirt says it all… we are indeed ….. “PROUD TO BE”…. a student of SMK Methodist (ACS).

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