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Leo’s Trip to Pulau Pinang

28 Mac 2013 (Thursday)

Places :
1. Penang Hill
2. St Joseph Children Home
3. Escape park



When we went up the hill, it was quite an eye opener. I’m quite sure it was the first time for most of us going up by the funicular train. The air was fresh and cool and even the scenery from the top of the hill was invigorating, relecting a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. Everyone had smiles plastered on their faces while laughter wa all over in the coach. It was quite a rare occasion to be able to see students of many races communicating closely with each other.


Being Leos, it is an annual event for us to visit either an old folks’ home or an orphanage. This year, our destination was the St. Joseph Children’s Home. We were quite touched when they declined our financial help. Instead, we were asked to help with the cleaning chores. Here we learnt humility and teamwork as we washed toilets, swept and mopped floors and cleaned window panes. Chores most of us had never done before! (Kids these days!!)


Escape park is the place where we enjoyed the most. Perhaps this was the first time we stepped into the park. We were immediately enshrouded in an atmosphere of unprecedented exhilaration. We felt close to Mother Nature where they utilized the natural existence of the surrounding to set up the park. It was like killing two birds with one stone as this place not only let us relax out tightened nerves but also to learn teamwork, cooperation and to test ourselves to the limit.


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