1 Response to Parents

  1. Suseela Devi says:

    With regards to the meeting today (12/04/2015), related to the disciplinary issues among the indian students, I would like give my suggestion as followed. As I see this is a complex social problem related to poverty among the indian families. The students not focusing on their studies, disrespectful towards the teachers, disobedient and exhibiting unruly behaviour has been the highlight of todays meeting. As a parent and an ex student of this school, I feel very concern about this matter. I would like to give my sincere suggestion to the school.

    1. Identify student issues, through dialogue session with the students involved. (example if they understand what is being taught and what is the problem they face in class etc)
    2. Motivational session to create awareness among the poor performers regarding the importance of education and the future and career goals.
    3 .All teachers regardless of race and religion must b committed in helping this students and not just the 5 Indian teachers.This is not a racial problem but the school’s problem in addressing poor performers and discipline among students.
    5.Regular meetings and better communication between parents and teachers.
    6.Motivational and awareness classes for the students family

    I am giving this suggestion on a goodwill to see improvement among this students.
    Thank You

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